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My special needs son, Andrew, has been attending the Day Program since the spring of 2014.  Andrew especially enjoys the field trips, movies, and proms that the agency & foundation hosts.  As a parent, I'm appreciative of how much the staff care about Andrew and how willingly they are to accommodate his particular special needs.  Our Case Manager is very caring and follows up immediately on any needs that may arise.  PCBDSN has journeyed with us through their love, care and support which greatly eases our life as parents.  Andrews life is very enriched by all the recreational opportunities the Day Program Director initiates.   

~Richard & Kathy H.

Day Services Staff Mr. Bob has brought a positive change with our son Chris.  Chris walks around the house waiting for Mr. Bob to come back each day and talks about him all the time.  We are thankful for the Day Program!  It's obvious you have made a positive impact on the consumers.

Chris A.'s mother

Dear all staff

                    How are all staff. My name is Brett. Thank you all staff  service up pickens county board of disabilities and special needs. Thank you care of all consume . You have my respect all staff.

"Pickens county board for disabilities and special needs and their staffs, has done so much for me. If it wasnt for them, i wouldn't be where i am. I wouldn't be having a job, i wouldn't still have a place to live, i wouldn't have a big opportunity to go to southern weslyn university to pursue my education and ged next January so i can become a game developer, which is my dream job. First staff i owe it to is Mr. John Owens, ms. Tina, ms. Fennel, ms gambrell and every other staff that is in the day program. I thought about how to repay them so that is why i asked them if i can volunteer as a staff for them and help them out." 

Gianluca B.

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