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Due to the COVID-19 the Day Program has limited openings.

Day Services

The Day Program provides adults with special needs, 18 and older, a place outside their residence for peer connection,  community involvement, Career Preparation, Employment Services, and personal care assistance. Many caregivers are in need of Day Services to allow them to work or remain active outside the home while still caring for their loved one.   Services generally are covered by Medicaid waivers or state funded community supports through our Support Services program. Eligible participants that receive funding through the state will cover all costs for the Day Program Services. Private pay individuals cost between $40.00 to $100.00 a day depending on transportation.  This cost is less than nursing homes, assisted living, or in- home care.


Day Services provides many enjoyable and rewarding activities.  Based on the individual's interests the Day Services offer activities such as: delivering Meals on Wheels, serve at the Project Host Soup Kitchen, help at the Pickens County Animal Shelter, participate in proms, movie outings, cookouts, art & basketball camps.  This allows the individuals to remain active in the community while under care and supervision of our trained staff.


Day Services Programmer meets with an individual, the family, and Support Services Case Manager for a yearly plan and assessment meeting to set goals.  General goals are to obtain a driver's license, exercise, tie shoes, receive a high school diploma or GED. Work skills include, getting to your work area on time, complete all tasks, listening to their supervisor.  Once an individual is ready to work, we provide assistance with employment at minimum wage in the community or at our location and transportation if needed.


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