Support Services

Once an individual is qualified for services our Case Management team becomes the entry point for individuals entering the DDSN system in Pickens County as well as assisting them while receiving services through Pickens County DSN Board.  To see if you qualify for services, please see our Get Started tab above.  Support Services consists of the following:


Family Supports- We provide assistance tailored to specific needs and to enable families (who are not enrolled in a Home and Community Based Waiver) to care for their family member with disabilities within the community.


Head and Spinal Cord Case Management- the HASCI Program (Head and Spinal Cord Injury) provides unique supports for those with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. We understand your unique needs and have a dedicated team to meet your Individual Support plans, and upon eligibility, and upon enrollment into the HASCI Waiver, supply numerous waiver services including attendant care, Environmental Modifications, and other services.


Early Intervention- We serve Baby Net eligible children 0-3 years of age with developmental delays and children 3-6 who are DDSN eligible. Early Intervention focuses on care, support and technology in assisting parents to learn ways of overcoming treatable delays and minimizing their children’s delays. With the use of technical advancements, such as an IPAD, our Early Intervention Team strives to give children and their parents the earliest care in order to succeed in life.


Family Arranged Respite- Being a caregiver is hard work and our agency understands that sometimes families need some time off. Respite is able to assist qualified families (those who are not enrolled in a Medicaid Waiver) with a demonstrated need for temporary care of their family member.


Case Managers assist eligible enrolled families with numerous Medicaid Waivers that can provide consumers who have Intellectual, Related, and Autism disabilities with access to the Services that the Medicaid Waiver provides.

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